Arabian Views Real Estate

Arabian Views Real Estate was developed by UDC between the years of 1986 and 1999.

Arabian Views can be divided into 5 different areas, all of which are very close to one another. It is comprised of approximately 430 homes.

Arabian Views One: (or Arabian Views Lot One through 164.) is located from Grovers Avenue up to the canal and between 53rd Pl. and 64th St. This part of the subdivision was developed by UDC between 1986 and 1992.

Arabian Views Two was developed by UDC between 1990 and 1996 Arabian views to is located between N. 54th St. and N. 56th St. and between Hartford Avenue and E. East Bella Drive.

Arabian views 3 was developed by UDC between 1993 and 1995. This area is located between N. 54th St. and N. 56th St. and between Bell and Danbury Drive.
Arabian views 4 is located between N. 52nd St. and N. 54th St. and Bell Rd. in East Hartford Avenue. UDC built Arabian views 4 between 1995 in 1997
Arabian views 5 is between Helena Drive and E. Grovers Ave. and N. 52nd St. and N. 52nd Pl. just west of copper Canyon elementary school. Arabian views 5 was built between 1996 and 1997.

Arabian views has a few different floor plans. The floor plans are referred to primarily numerically. The 481, 540, 550 and 590 plans are approximately 2500 to 2800 square feet. The 690 plan, a two-story home, is a little over 3900 square feet. The Joshua plan is 2200. Plan 565 is around 3100 square- feet.

The schools that serve Arabian Views Real Estate include Copper Canyon Elementary School, Sunrise Middle School and Horizon High School. These are all part of the Paradise Valley unified school district.

Arabian Views backs a currently 80 acre vacant parcel of land that Shea Homes has flirted with wanting to develop. Currently, a small corner of the area, at Bell and 52nd St, is being used as a place for cows to graze.

Local restaurants nearby include McDonald’s, TJ’s pizza and Wings, Rubio’s, Subway and Starbucks. Just a mile southwest is Fry’s Food and Drugs Store. Home Depot and Walmart are also fairly close by. The banks that serve Arabian views include Wells Fargo Chase and Bank of America. The Casa de Crystal Lutheran Church is a very popular church nearby. Arabian views is also a very close distance to the Mayo Clinic transplant and mile Mayo Clinic Hospital.

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