Desert Ridge Unit 2 Real Estate

There is an area of Desert Ridge in the 85254 ZIP Code. The area is called Desert Ridge unit 2, Desert Ridge unit 2 phase 2, and Desert Ridge unit 2 phase 3. The schools that serve desert Ridge unit 2 include copper Canyon elementary school, Sunrise Middle School and Horizon High School. There are approximately 373 properties in this area of Desert Ridge.

Desert Ridge unit 2 real estate was built by several builders including Cortland, DeAcetis, medallion and Richmond American homes between 1983 in 1991. Floor models in the desert Ridge Unit 2 include the Arizona at around 2034 square feet in the Barcelona at around 2434 square feet. Desert Ridge unit 2 phase 1, built between 1981 in 1994, by such builders as American, Cortland, DeAcetis, Nash Phillips and Medallion has a few different floor plans as well. These include a single level home around 2500 square feet approximately, a two-story that stands around 3000 square feet, and a few others as well. Desert Ridge unit 2 phase 2 was built by DeAcetis in Richmond American homes between 1985 in 1987. Desert Ridge unit 2 phase 3 was built by Cortland between 1989 in 1991.


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