North Ranch Real Estate

North Ranch Real was developed in 8 different sections. North Ranch unit 1 unit 4 unit 5 and unit 6 is located between Paradise Lane and Bell Road and between N. 60th St. and N. 64th St. North Ranch real estate unit 2 unit 3 unit 7 in unit 8 is located between these Paradise Lane to the north and E. Kathleen Rd. to the south and is also located between 60th St. and 64th St.          North Ranch real estate was built between 1982 and 1996 by multiple home builders.  North Ranch consists of a little over 470 homes.   North Ranch 1 was built by Cortland, Coventry, golden carriages, Medallion, and rich within American homes. North Ranch to was developed by Coventry. North Ranch Street was developed by American builders, and culinary heritage, was ready for was built by Golden Heritage. North Ranch 5 was built by Golden heritage and Shelley. North Ranch 6 was built by Golden heritage and North Ranch 7 was built by Golden Heritage. North Ranch 8 was built by so Medalian and Richmond American Homes. There May Have Been More Builders As well.


North Ranch 2 was built by Coventry between 1983 in 1985. The floor plans are typically around 2500 square feet. North Ranch 3 was built by American builders, Golden heritage and others between 1985 in 1989. These homes also were approximately 2500 square feet.

North Ranch four, also built by Golden heritage, Shelly and others between 1985 and 1996 had homes that went all the way up to 2900 square feet.

North Ranch 6,7 and 8 also built by Golden heritage medallion in Richmond American homes between 1985 in 1992 included homes that typically were around 2500 square feet but went up to arrange of 2900 square feet.


North Ranch Real Estate’s Homes consists of about a dozen different floor plans. North Ranch 1 the homes range in size from 1500 square feet.all the way up to around 3500 square feet. In North Ranch 4, you typically find the larger homes,  between 2700 square feet.and 3000 square feet.North Ranch 6 and North Ranch 7 the homes range between 1600 square feet.and 2000 ft




North Ranch real estate is located adjacent to Jack rabbit Park. It is also located within the vicinity of St. Bernadette Catholic Church in St. John XX111 Catholic school community.


The schools that serve North Ranch real estate include North Ranch elementary school, desert shadows middle school, and Horizon high school.


There are many great stores near North Ranch real estate. Smart and final is just a mile southwest. The Walmart supercenter is just a couple miles southwest, sprouts farmers market is a couple miles southwest. Hopi animal Hospital is a mile west. The Southwest Achaean Hospital is a mile north. There’s some amazing shopping centers near North Ranch real estate. They include the Carolyn comments in the Scottsdale quarter located a mile southeast. The Promenade is a couple miles northeast. Some terrific restaurants near North Ranch real estate include Benihana’s a couple miles northeast, North Italia which is a couple miles southeast, and the Arena sports Grill a mile north. Everyone needs a grocery store. North Ranch real estate is near price food and drugs a mile south Trader Joe’s is a couple miles northeast and Safeway is a mile southeast.

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