Kierand Real Estate

Kierland Real Estate is located between 64th St. and Scottsdale Road and E spell and Easter,.

There are approximately 900 properties in the Kierland real estate.   Kierland real estate as Built by Butte Landmark, Cachette, Calvert Wyatt, McCarthy, and UDC between 1985 in 2008.

The Kierland Plaza lofts were built by McCarthy and Sundt between 2005 in 2008. The homes are quite large and can go up to around 3500 square feet.


Most of the Homes Range between 2300 Square Kierland feet and 3500 Square feet. A Few of the Well-Known Models Include the Arcadia Which Stands between 1854 and 32 24 Square feet, the Bel Aire between 2800 and 3000 Square feet.

The most popular areas of Kierland include Chilean greens, Cuban Heritage, and Kierland Plaza. Kierland parcels 9 a, Kierland Parcels 10 a, 10 C and 11 are all located right next to Kierland Park. Kierland Parcel 8 a is next to Carolyn heritage just north of Greenway Park Parkway, and UDC Kierland parcel 12, 13 B and 16 B are located just east of 64th St. just south of the Kierland Village Center. Just to the south of that parcel is UDC Kierland parcel 13 a and 15 and UDC Kierland parcel 14. Th this section of Kierland is just north of Sandpiper Park and Sandpiper Elementary School.

This sensational shopping and restaurant complex earned the Award Winner Of Urban Land Institute’s 2009 Award In Excellence In North America for Best Practices in Design and Architecture. The award is given out to only ten different projects. Visit Kierland Commons and you will see why. With over 70 retail shopping stores and 13 restaurants — several with nice patios for those who want to eat outdoors. The Barnes and Nobles is one of the largest remaining book stores around. Kierland Commons is a must see.



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