Las Colonias Real Estate

Las Colonias real estate is located between N. 54th St. and N. 56th St., just north of E. Thunderbird Rd. There are approximately 26 homes in Las Colonias Real Estate. A couple of the world of builders for Las Colonias include Hamel and Ja-Cor.  The homes were built between 1979 in 1987. The schools that serve Las Colonias include Liberty Elementary School, Paradise Valley Elementary School, Paradise Valley Middle School, Sunrise Middle School and Horizon High School. It’s important to check the current boundary maps to pinpoint exactly which schools are in the boundaries of the home you are considering.
Paradise Valley Mall is near Las Colonias Real Estate.

Sonrisa Park, Crossed Arrows Park and Serino Park are all located nearby.

Some Popular Restaurants Including East Wind Sushi and Grill, Chili’s Grill and bar in my pie.

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