Real Estate Overview: Pinnacle Peak. This beautiful luxurious community is one of the finest places to live in North Scottsdale. With over 80 custom home sites, it has a wide variety of choices which will allow the home buyer to find a quality home to their liking.

There’s a very quaint and charming general store that gives an old town, warm feel.

You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but step into the courtyard, the post office and the very charming breakfast area and you will walk into a world all of its own.

The country club also offers a wide variety of classes, including painting and kid’s cooking. Join Pinnacle Peak and enjoy there fitness center, private heated swimming pools and much, much more.

The country club, Pinnacle Peak Country Club, is a very affordable golf club compared to other clubs of its stature. The club is member owned and actually owns its own water well. Significant costs are passed onto the club member because of this benefit. There is currently a special/trial membership for a very reasonable fee. If you do not want to stay after a year, most of all of this fee is refundable (though not the monthly expenses — also lower than many clubs in the area).

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