Zip code 85254 has been commonly known as the Magic Zip Code. It is one of the best kept secrets in Scottsdale and Phoenix. While most of it is not really in Scottsdale, it has a Scottsdale zip code! The result is you pay Phoenix utilities, taxes and services and enjoy a Scottsdale zip code. You are minutes away from Desert Ridge and a hop-skip-and-jump from what is really Scottsdale. The neighborhoods are clean, beautiful and affordable. You can really get a great bargain in the magic zip code.

According to recent surveys, the population in 85254 is around 45,500 people.  The number of households that exists hover at approximately 18,000.  The median age is 43 years old and slightly over one fourth of the subdivision has children.   The majority of the people living in 85254 are between 35 and 59 years old.   Around sixty percent are married and slightly more than a quarter of the residents in 85254 are single.   The top industry in the Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 area includes humanitarian services such as education, health and social assistance.  The second most popular industry falls under the professional service category such as scientific, management, administrative and waste management.    The third and fourth thriving industry would be finance, insurance and real estate followed by retail trade.  The majority of the household incomes in 85254 make between $100,000 and $150,000 a year.


Popular Subdivisions in 85254, AZ

Arabian Views Real Estate
Cactus Glen
Century Club Estates
Continental Foothills Corvalian Estates
Country Trace
Covey Lots
Desert Paradise Estates
Desert Estates
Diamond Point
Equestrian Manord
La Paz
Arabian Crest
Arabian Crest 2
Arabian Crest 3
Arabian Crest 4
Arabian Estates
Arabian Green
Arabian Views
Arabian Views 2
Arabian Views 3
Arabian Views 4
Arabian Views 5
Avant 1
Avant 1 Unit 2
Avant 1 Unit 3
Avant 1 Unit 4
Avant 1 Unit 5
Bar Ted Acres
Barclay Place
Bella Terra
Bella Terra Condominiums
Belmont at Triple Crown
Belmont 2 at Triple Crown
Cactus Glen 1
Cactus Glen 2
Cactus Glen 3
Cactus Glen 4
Cactus Glen 5
Cactus Glen 6
Cactus Glen 7
Casa del Oeste
Casa del Oeste 2
Century Circle Estates
Century Club Estates
Century North
Century Place
Churchill at Triple Crown
Continental Foothills
Paradise Valley Mirada 3
Paradise Valley Mirada 4
Paradise Valley Mirada 7
Paradise Valley Mirada 8
Paradise Village North 1
Paradise Village North Unit Two
Parkwood Village
Peakness at Triple Crown
Plaza Residences
Plymouth Estates
Rancho Monte Vista
Rancho Monte Vista 2
Rancho Saguaro
Rancho Saguaro 2
Rancho Saguaro 3
Rancho Saguaro 4
Raskin Estates 1
Raskin Estates 2
Remmington Estates
Roadrunner Estates
Roadrunner EstatesUnit 5
ROC Farms Estates
Ryan Estates 1
Ryan Estates 2
Ryan Estates 3
Santa Fe Place
ShadowRidge 1
ShadowRidge 2
Shea North Estates 1
Shea North Estates 2
Shea North Estates 3
Shea North Estates 4
Shea North Estates 5
Shea Paradise
Spanish Wells
Spanish Wells 2
Spanish Wells 3
Spanish Wells 4
Stratford Unit 2
Summit Ridge
Summit Ridge Unit 2
Sunburst Estates
Sunburst Estates 2
Sunburst Estates 3
Sunburst Farms East
Las Haciendas
Liberty Square
Mountain View Estates
Nicholas Court
Norma Estates
North Ranch
Orange Tree Estates
Paradise Village North
Palo Olive Estates
Parkwood Village
Paradise Manor
Paradise Park Vista
Paradise Valley Mirada
Rancho Monte Vista
Rancho Saguaro
Coronado Point
Corvalian Estates No 01
Corvalian Estates No 02
Corvalian Estates No 03
Country Trace
Covey Unit 2
Covey Unit 3
Del Camino Ranch
Del Mar at Triple Crown
Desert Estates 1
Desert Estates 2
Desert Estates 3
Desert Estates 4
Desert Estates 5
Desert Estates 6
Desert Estates 7
Desert Estates 11
Desert Estates 12
Desert Estates 14
Desert Estates 15
Desert Estates 16
Desert Homes
Desert Paradise Estates
Desert Ridge Unit 1
Desert Ridge Unit 2 Phase 1
Desert Ridge Unit 2 Phase 2
Desert Ridge Unit 2 Phase 3
Desert Shires 1
Desert Shires 2
La Camarilla
La Camarilla Villas
Landmark Condominium
Landmark Condominium 2
Las Colonias
Las Haciendas
Las Hadas
Liberty Square
Liberty Square 2
Los Castillos
Maravilla Two
Milano Terrace
Nicholas Court
Norma Estates
North Ranch 1
North Ranch 2
North Ranch 3
North Ranch 4
North Ranch 5
North Ranch 6
North Ranch 7
North Ranch 8
North Scottsdale Estates 1
North Scottsdale Estates 2
North Scottsdale Estates 3
Orangetree Estates
Orangetree Manor
Orangetree Villas
Palos Verdes Ranch
Paradise Lane
Paradise Lane 3
Paradise Manor
Paradise Manor Estates
Paradise Meadows
Paradise Park Vista
Paradise Valley Mirada
Sunburst Farms East 2
Sunburst Farms East 3
Sunburst Farms East 4
Sunburst Farms East 5
Sunburst Farms East 7
Sunrise Shadows
Sunset Ridge
Sunset Ridge 2
Tami Estates
Tatum Canyon 3
Tatum Cove
Tatum Cove 2
Tatum Horizons
Tatum Park
Tatum Place
Tatum Square
Thunderbird Desert Estates
Thunderbird Desert Estates 2
Thunderbird Desert Estates 3
Thunderbird Desert Estates 4
Thunderbird Desert Estates 5
Thunderbird East 1
Thunderbird East 2
Thunderbird East 3
Tierra Feliz North
Tierra Feliz North 2
Trails End
Trails North
Trails North 2
Triple Crown
Triple Crown 2
Triple Crown 3
Turquiose Estates

Raskin Estates
Roadrunner Estates
Ryan Estates
Shea North
Shadow Ridge
Sunrise Shadows
Tatum Square
Tatum Park
Tatum Canyon
Thunderbird East
Trails North
Village Estates
Triple Crown
Desert Shires Replat
Desert Springs 1
Desert Springs 2
Desert Trails
Diamond Point
Discovery At Tatum Place 1
Discovery At Tatum Place 2
Eagles Eyre 1
Eagles Eyre 2
Eagles Eyre 3
Equestrian Manor Unit 1
Equestrian Manor Unit 2
Estrid Estates
Foothills Ranchos
Golfview Terrace
Greenbrier East 1
Greenbrier East 2
Greenbrier East 3
Greenbrier East 4
Greenbrier East 5
Greenbrier East 7
Greenbrier East 10
Greenbrier East 11
Greenway Manor
Greenway Park 1
Greenway Park 2
Greenway Park 5
Greenway Park 6
Greenway Park Estates
Heatherwood 1
Heatherwood 2
Honeyridge Manor
Horizon Casitas
Kierland Greens
Kierland Heritage
Kierland Parcels
Kierland Parcel 9A
Kierland Parcel 10A 10C 11
Kierland Parcel 12 13B
Kierland Parcel 13A 15
Kierland Parcel 14
Kierland Plaza Lofts
La Paz At Desert Springs 1
La Paz At Desert Springs 2
La Paz At Desert Springs 3
La Paz At Desert Springs 4
La Paz At Desert Springs 12
La Paz At Desert Springs 14
La Paz At Desert Springs 15
La Paz At Desert Springs 16
La Paz At Desert Springs 17
La Paz At Desert Springs 20
La Paz At Desert Springs 21
La Paz At Desert Springs 23
La Paz At Desert Springs 24
Tuscany Villas
Verde Via
Via De Caballos
Via De Caballos 2
Village at Stone Creek
Village Estates
Vista Hermosa
Woodleaf 2
Woodleaf 3

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